Cake and treats menu for your occasion.



Cake Pops


Cake in a jar

Chocolate covered Oreos

chocoalte covered pretzels 

Rice Krispies

Chocolate covered Strawberries

Mini Shooter

Mini Fruit tarts 


Custom Cakes

Cake prices vary depending on servings, details, and complexity of your design.

Our custom fondant cakes start at $7 per serving.

Buttercream cakes start at $6 per serving.

3-D Cakes (such as shoes/purses) start at $250.



Our regular cupcakes decorated with frosting and sprinkles start at $3.5 minimum order is two dozen. Custom cupcakes with 3d fondant toppers start at $5.


Cake Pops

Basic Cake Pops start at $48 per dozen (sprinkles, plain or sanding sugar). Custom Cake Pops start at $60 per dozen plus decoration. Detailed character cake pops start at $8 each. Minimum order is two dozen.


Are just like a cakepops even bigger in size and shaped in sn ice cream shape. Price starts at $48 per dozen. Custom designs may vary in price. Minimum order is two dozens. 

Ice cream cones

Ice cream cones are cake pops in an ice cream cone  starts at $54 a dozen. Minimum is two dozens. 


Basic sugar cookies starts at $54 

Custom decorated sugar cookies start at $65 a dozen. Prices vary depending on the design and details.

 Minimum is Two dozens.

Cake in a jar

Our most popular Cake in a jar is the best to treat a friend or yourself.  

Available to order each for $8.


Cake tasting boxes

Cake in a jar boxes comes  in four different flavors and two cake pops. Boxes available for cake tasting. Date will be announced every once a month on social media keep your eye on our social media stories.

Extra charge for ribbons, tags and extra designs such as (seasonal decoration).

Choose your favors from the flavor list. 

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Our Chocolate Covered Oreos start at $45 per dozen. Custom designs price may vary.Minimum is two dozen. Favor boxes available upon request.

Choclate covered pretzels

price starts at $36 minimum is two doznes. 


Rice Krispies

Basic Rice Krispies starts at $45 per dozen minimum two dozen. Custom Rice Krispies decorated with fondant to match your theme starts at $50 per dozen. 


Chocolate Strawberries

Chocolate strawberries dipped in high quality Dark/white chocolate $45 per dozen minimum is 2 dozen. Edible gold leaf is an extra fee.

 Mini fruit tart 

Individual mini fruit tart $60 per dozen.


Mini Shooter

Our mini shooters come in a clear plastic cup with plastic spoons. 

Chocolate mousse $3.5

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache topped with fresh strawberries $3.5

Strawberry Shortcake $3.5

Raspberry Cheese cake $3.5

Tiramisu with mascarpone cream $3.5


Don’t hesitate to ask us about wedding dessert tables and  Birthday packages!!!